Unlock your child's DNA

Created by our friends at tellmeGen™, this advanced test will reveal more than 400 aspects related to your child's health, wellness data and ancestry.

Marvel at the marvel of DNA

With a simple and painless cheek swab you will be able to unlock your child's DNA:

  • Implement changes or improvements in your habits to prevent or even avoid the development of certain diseases in the future.
  • Learn how genetics may be related to aspects of your child's well-being including, among others, vitamin levels, intolerances, predisposition to celiac disease and metabolization of other substances.

Easy At-Home Testing

Specifically designed for children under 3 that can't spit, this easy at-home test comes with two gentle mouth swabs and two test tubes to store the samples for redundancy.

Powerful Insights

Your account is constantly updated with new results and features free of charge. TellmeGen's team of doctors and geneticists is always available to help and guide you in case you want personalized advice and additional insights.

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Children's Advanced DNA Kit

$199.00 USD

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Test Description

DNA test for children and babies that tells you about their genetic susceptibility to over 400 health predispositions, inherited conditions, ascentrality, well-being and traits. The results will be ready in 4-6 weeks.


You will be able to learn about his/her genetic predisposition to over 200 health-related conditions and his/her inherited conditions; discover his/her ancestry and origins; and find genetic and familial relatives.


The test is regularly updated free of charge. In addition, you can ask our doctors and genetic experts any questions you may have.


Knowing your child's genetic information is very useful. With your DNA kit you can adapt their lifestyle, diets or sports habits and improve their well-being.

This test is in partnership with tellmeGen. Tests are not eligible for returns and exchanges. Please read additional terms and conditions before purchasing.

How to Use

  • Activate your kit.
  • Collect saliva sample from your baby’s mouth.
  • Place tube in the included shipping envelope; mail it back.
  • Results are sent within 4 to 6 weeks from tellmeGen DNA experts.
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Children's Advanced DNA Kit

What will my baby's saliva tell me?

Overall Health

Predisposition to complex diseases, if they're a carrier of monogenic hereditary diseases and more.

Personal Traits

Specific traits, for example, eye clarity, skin pigmentation or sleep duration, cognitive ability, height and many other characteristics.

General Wellness

How genetics may be related to aspects of general well-being including, among others, vitamin levels, intolerances, predisposition to celiac disease and metabolization of other substances.

Terms and Conditions

The tests offered on our site have additional terms and conditions of use. Please review them before enrollment.

If you have already received your kit and need to activate it, you're at the right place. Folow these simple instructions:

A kit ID # is located on the insert. Scan the QR code or visit tellmegen.com/welcome to register.

Please be sure to fill out all requested information. Your sample will not be able to be processed if it is not completly filled out.