Kinder care for everyone

Sometimes all you need is a quick answer, at a time when getting prompt care is becoming harder and harder. Luckily, Clever Healthâ„¢ gives you 24x7 access to virtual care from licensed doctors, skilled to safely diagnose, treat and prescribe for a number of common ailments.

Virtual care done right

Virtual care just makes sense. Easier, faster and more affordable. Waiting for hours just for a phone call? Archaic. Overpriced prescriptions? No more.

Clever Healthâ„¢ provides on-demand medical access for non-emergency conditions such as cold & flu, sinus infection, nausea, UTIs, allergies, pink eye, and more.

On your terms

Choose the modality that works best for you and your schedule. Real-time phone/video consult or convenient Smart Virtual Care.

Prescription savings

You can receive savings up to 80% on over 55,000 FDA-approved medications, 40% of which cost $10 or less. Accepted at over 80,000 pharmacies nationwide.

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Virtual Medical Consultation

$59.00 USD

Please read additional terms and conditions

This is a digital service

This is not health insurance

Service Description

Virtual consultation with a credentialed, licensed medical professional for you or your child. Average visit time of 6 mins and 44 secs from intake questionnaire to diagnosis. Accessible in two distinct ways, depending on user preferences:

  • Async Visit. The physician is able to gather all the member information, analyze that data, match it to evidence-based care and make a diagnosis, in most cases, without having to speak with the member.
  • Phone / Video Visit. The physician and member will communicate directly during the visit.

This product is non-refundable and has no expiration. It is not a substitute for emergency care. If you need emergency care, please dial 911.

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Virtual Medical Consultation

$59.00 USD

How to get care


Decide on the type of consult that works best for your situation (real-time phone/video or Smart Virtual Care) and receive a unique code.


Download the Clever Healthâ„¢ app for your device and enter the code received in your confirmation email.


Securely connect with a credentialed, licensed medical professional in your state using your preferred communication method.

Terms and Conditions

Virtual care consultations are not a substitute for emergency care.
Clever Healthâ„¢ is not insurance and is not intended to replace health insurance. This service has additional terms and conditions of use. Please review them before purchasing.

Getting started

Getting started

If you haven't already, download the Clever Healthâ„¢ app from the App Store for Apple devices or Play Store for Android devices.

Your single-use consultation code was delivered after your purchase. Look for it in your confirmation email.

Type the code when prompted and proceed to create your Clever Healthâ„¢ secure profile.